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Dental X-Rays

Dentists and Orthodontists at our health centers provide low cost dental care for adults and kids.  Call us or request an appointment online today to find out just how affordable it can be to keep your teeth in good health.

Being proactice by getting annual Dental Examinations is the best way to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.  
Learn how Dental X-Rays can help catch Teeth and Gum problems before they get harder to treat and live with.  

An essential component of routine dental exams is dental x-rays. But, have you ever wondered what dental x-rays are and what their importance is? Continue reading to find out.

What are Dental X-Rays?

A dental x-ray is an image of the teeth and associated structures generated on an x-ray film. The x-ray machine generates a beam of x-rays. The amount of energy absorbed by the dental structures is then captured by a sensor that creates a digital image.

For example, healthy teeth appear brighter on an x-ray image because the minerals in them absorb more energy. On the other hand, teeth with cavities appear darker as they have lesser mineral content.

What are the Different Types of Dental X-rays?

At Center for Family Health and Education, we use different types of x-rays for the early detection and management of dental issues.

  • Peri-apical – this is the most commonly used x-ray type. This x-ray provides a detailed image of the roots of the adjacent 2 or 3 teeth.
  • Panoramic – this x-ray type provides an image of all the teeth and associated structures. Dentists can also observe any abnormalities in the soft and hard tissues in the head and neck regions.
  • Cephalogram – these x-rays provide an image of the head and neck region and are mainly used for orthodontic treatment planning.

What are the Uses of X-rays in Dental Examination?

Dental x-rays are used for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in dentistry:

  • Monitoring the tooth eruption pattern and identifying related abnormalities
  • Diagnosis and management of tooth alignment-related problems
  • Diagnosis and management of tooth decay
  • Treatment planning during root canal treatment
  • Diagnosis and management of oral swellings, abscesses, and cysts
  • Diagnosis and management of jaw joint-related issues

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Dental x-rays are among the most effective tools that dentists have to prevent and treat dental issues. Furthermore, thanks to modern technology, contemporary dental x-ray machines use digital sensors with considerably lower radiation exposure than older, traditional ones. Hence, they are safe for dental treatment when used judiciously.

Dental examinations and x-rays are your first line of defense against dental problems. So, always make sure to visit us regularly for checkups so that we can ensure your excellent health and a picture-perfect, healthy smile.

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