Need Help Getting Medi-Cal Coverage? 
Please Call us for assistance at 888-395-9699

Need Help Getting Medi-Cal Coverage? Please Call us for assistance at 888-395-9699

Priority Care
Medical Group

Priority Care Medical Group of El Monte area offers Primary Care, Adult Geriatric Medicine, Pediatric Medicine, Women’s Health, Diabetic Care, Family Planning, CHDP, and Free Transportation (up to 5 miles).

Services at this Location

General Care Doctor
Routine Health Checkups
Preventative Care
Diabetes Exam and Education
Diabetic Care
Chronic Disease Management
Weight Loss Program

Free Well Child Exams
Health Check-Ups
Immunization and Vaccination
Audio and Vision Exams

Free well woman exams, free STD testing and treatment
IUD Insertion


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El Monte Health Center's FAQ

Is Priority Care Medical Group of El Monte a low cost health clinic?

Yes, Priority Care Medical Group of El Monte is community health center that works with all insurance types.  We can also help patients that have no insurance or are low income.
We use a sliding scale based on your income and provide pediatric, women’s planning, vaccines for children, general primary care, and family planning.  Contact us today to find out how low of a cost our services can be.

How can I see a Primary Care physician at a reduced cost in El Monte ?

Look for a non-profit organization that works with all types of insurance and offers sliding fee discounts for those patients who are low income or have no health insurance.

If you are in or near the El Monte, CA area, you can get low cost or reduced cost Primary Physician care at Priority Care Medical Group of El Monte.

Your Primary care physician is the general doctor that you can visit for your routine health check-ups, cold and flu shots, diabetic care, preventative care, managing ongoing health problems and more.

If you are a resident of El Monte and need a general doctor at an affordable cost, contact Priority Care Medical Group of El Monte to see if you are eligible for reduced cost primary care services.

What if my insurance deductible is high, can you help me get affordable Primary Care?

Yes!  We will check to see if you have the best insurance coverage at the lowest possible cost.  Then, depending on your income and other factors, we also offer sliding fee scale discounts.

If you are a resident or local to El Monte, CA, you can contact Priority Care Medical Group for FREE help in getting the primary care doctor care you need at a low, affordable price.

We have experienced insurance benefits counselors that know which insurance would be the lowest cost for your personal situation.

PCMG will then help you get an experienced and quality primary care doctor at a reduced, affordable cost.

Do you offer low cost Women's Health clinic services at this location?

Yes!  If you are in El Monte and need Women’s Health services, we provide reduced / lowered cost OB GYN physicians for low income individuals and families.

Free Services include:

  • Well Woman Exams
  • STD Testing

Low Cost
Services and Treatments:

  • Yeast Infection Treatment
  • Ovarian Cysts Diagnosis and Treatment
  • UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) Treatment
  • Pelvic Pain / Inflammation Treatment
  • Hormonal Disorders Treatment
  • Bladder Problems Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Pap Tests
  • Endometriosis Treatment
  • Cancer Screenings
  • Infertility

Our OB GYN doctors diagnose and treat reproductive system disorders for over a decade.

If you are in or near the El Monte, CA area, you can get low cost or reduced cost Women’s Health services from our OB GYN’s at Priority Care Medical Group of El Monte.

I need a prescription in El Monte, can your clinic provide that?

Yes, Priority Care Medical Group of El Monte has state and board certified doctors that can write prescriptions.

You will need to make an appointment and visit one of our primary care physicians first. 

Your doctor will determine the necessary prescriptions and also provide recommendations as to where to get your medications for an affordable low cost.

How do I contact your clinic after hours?

If you wish to contact us after the clinic is closed, you can still call us at the same phone number.

Do you accept Med-ical, Medicaid, CHIP, or Medicare?

Yes, all insurance types are accepted, including: Medi-Cal, Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, Covered California, L.A. Care, Aetna, Humana, Anthem Blue Cross, BlueCross BlueShield, United Healthcare, Tricare, Molina Healthcare, Health Net and more.

You can use your insurance at our community health center located in El Monte, CA to get reduced cost or no cost Primary Care, Women Health, Pediatrician, and Family Planning.

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