Need Help Getting Medi-Cal Coverage? 
Please Call us for assistance at 888-395-9699

Need Help Getting Medi-Cal Coverage? Please Call us for assistance at 888-395-9699

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Primary Care Physicians and Pediatricians at our health centers are committed to you and your families well-being.  Get in touch or visit us today for better health.

Being proactice is the best way to prevent disease and illness. 
Learn about Preventative Care and why it’s important.

What is preventative care?

Preventative care is the care given to prevent you from becoming ill or developing health problems. Even though you may not have a current health problem, it is vital to keep up on care to help identify risks and prevent diseases or illnesses. As we age, we become more susceptible to disease and conditions. 60% of adult Americans have at least one chronic condition, and 42% of adult Americans have two or more.1  Preventative care is used to catch conditions early and prevent them from happening.

Why Preventative Care is Important, and What You Can Do

Preventative health care involves medical services provided to you by your health care providers. These services can include annual checkups, vaccinations, dental appointments, and more. Tests, procedures, and medications can be performed routinely to ensure your body stays in top shape. 

Most healthcare insurances cover and encourage using preventative care. Preventative care helps you proactively take care of your health rather than reactively. Many people don’t see the need to go to the doctor when there is nothing wrong, which is why education on preventative care is essential.

Preventative Care Services:
Tests and Treatments Offered:

During your preventative care appointments, your doctor may check for:2

  • High blood sugar to rule out prediabetes
  • High cholesterol to rule out heart disease
  • High blood pressure to rule out the risk of stroke
  • Cancer risks
  • Maintaining proper weight and fitness levels
  • Smoking and alcohol cessation

The list above are just some examples, there are more preventative care checks that can be performed to ensure your overall health.

Utilizing your preventative health care benefits can help monitor and treat diseases early. Catching potential conditions early can help increase your life span, decrease overall medical expenses, prevent chronic conditions, and catch health issues sooner.

Getting Preventative Care:

  • Always see your primary care doctor for your annual checkup
  • Tell your doctor your family history, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and more.
  • Ask your doctor about your age group and preventative screenings you qualify for
  • Stay up to date on your vaccinations
  • Keep your doctor up to date on your mental health
  • Check with your insurance provider to see what preventative screenings they cover the cost on, or ask one of our staff members for assistance.

Contact Center for Family Health & Education for support on preventive care

Here at Center for Family Health & Education, we can help you stay updated on your preventative care. We strive to serve our communities and patients by leading the way in quality, low cost or depending on your insurance you may be eligible for zero out of pocket cost for certain services.  Please make an appointment with us today to help optimize your health and well-being.  Or visit our insurance assistance page for questions regarding health insurance.

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