Need Help Getting Medi-Cal Coverage? 
Please Call us for assistance at 888-395-9699

Need Help Getting Medi-Cal Coverage? Please Call us for assistance at 888-395-9699

Roberta shares with us how much she appreciates the hard work our staff and doctors put in.

Roberta says she appreciates that our clinic cares about her, and that she’s not just another patient. And that is the truth! Nothing matters to us more than helping our patients and treating them with the utmost respect.

Our goal is to provide quality healthcare at a low cost.

Priority Care Medical Group supports our local community in El Monte as a provider of affordable Primary care physicians, Pediatricians, and Ob-Gyn’s whether they have no insurance, poor coverage insurance, or are otherwise financially struggling.

Find more details at: or call us at (626) 575-4584

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