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Please Call us for assistance at 888-395-9699

Need Help Getting Medi-Cal Coverage? Please Call us for assistance at 888-395-9699

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Dentistas and Orthodontists at our health centers provide low cost dental care for adults and kids.  Call us or request an appointment online today to find out just how affordable it can be to keep your teeth in good health.

Being proactice is the best way to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. 
Learn about what happens at a Dental Exam visit at our offices.  

We often hear our dentists emphasizing the importance of regular dental visits. But have you ever wondered why dental checkups are so important? And more importantly, what happens during a routine dental examination appointment?

What are Dental Examinations?

Dentists perform a comprehensive examination of a person’s teeth and related structures at every checkup appointment. This is done to identify developing dental problems that can be treated well before they cause permanent damage or require expensive treatment.

Thus the primary purpose of a dental exam is to prevent dental issues and ensure that everyone enjoys a healthy, attractive, and lasting smile.

What Happens During a Routine Dental Examination Appointment?

When you visit us for your scheduled checkup appointment, our dentists will perform a thorough clinical examination to evaluate the health status of your teeth and gums. They will also look at the x-ray images of the damaged teeth to ascertain the extent of the damage and to devise a minimally-invasive treatment plan. Some of the procedures that are routinely performed in dental examinations are:

  • Teeth Cleanings – if your dentist finds early signs of gum disease, such as plaque deposition and swollen gums, they will perform a professional teeth cleaning procedure. In this procedure, your dentist will use a special instrument called an ultrasonic scaler that vibrates at very high frequencies and removes the plaque and tartar deposits.
  • Teeth Fillings – if an x-ray image shows that one of your teeth has decayed, we will remove the damaged tooth portion and replace it with a suitable filling.
  • Cancer Screening – another essential component of dental examinations is cancer screening. Our dentist will inspect your head, neck, and face for suspicious swelling or swollen lymph nodes. If any suspicious, non-healing lesion is found. In this way, regular dental checkups not only help prevent dental issues but are also helpful in the early diagnosis of oral cancers.

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