Important Medi-Cal Change:
Medi-Cal now available to low-income adults over 50 years old, regardless of immigration status. Please contact us for full details.

COVID-19: Obtén tu Vacuna de Refuerzo o la Pastilla de Emergencia COVID en el Centro para la Salud y educación…
Cambios importantes en Medi-Cal: Medi-Cal ahora se encuentra disponible para adultos mayores de 50 años de bajos recursos, independientemente de su estatus migratorio.  Por favor ponte en contacto con nosotros para más detalles.

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Servicios Médicos

Family Planning for Women

Women’s Health Family Planning Family Planning and OB-GYN’s at our health centers are committed to women’s health, pre-natal care, and post birth well-being.  Get in

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Servicios Médicos

What are Dental Examinations?

Adult & Children Dental Exams Dentists and Orthodontists at our health centers provide low cost dental care for adults and kids.  Call us or request

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Servicios Médicos

Couples and Marriage Counseling

Behavioral Health Care Couples & Marriage Counseling Pyschologists and Psychiatrists at our health centers are committed to you and your families well-being.  Get in touch

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New Covid-19 Treatment Option
(Update Jan. 2022)

A new coronavirus treatment has been approved and is now available at Center for Family Health & Education as well as Priority Care Medical Group.
Learn more about Paxlovid pill and how to get COVID treatment with us if you are in California.