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Dental Crowns

Dentistas and Orthodontists at our health centers provide low cost dental care for adults and kids.  Call us or request an appointment online today to find out just how affordable it can be to keep your teeth in good health.

Learn more about when and why you may need dental crowns.  Dental Examinations are the best way to determine if you will need Crowns, Fillings, or any other fixes for your teeth.

Chipped, crooked, and stained teeth not only affect one’s smile and facial aesthetics but also make chewing and speech difficult. However, if you feel self-conscious because of discolored or damaged teeth, there is no need to worry; dental crowns are an excellent option for restoring grossly damaged or cosmetically damaged teeth.

What are Dental Crowns?

According to the American Dental Association1, a crown is a cap-shaped structure placed over a damaged tooth to restore its strength, structure, and aesthetics. Unlike dental fillings bonded directly to the teeth at the dental chairside, a crown is fabricated in the dental laboratory and then bonded to the prepared teeth.

When would I need Dental Crowns?

You are a candidate for dental crowns if you have any of the following dental issues:

  • Grossly damaged or chipped teeth – dental crowns restore the structure and aesthetics.
  • Teeth having large fillings – these teeth are at risk of fracturing. Hence, crowns are placed on them to reinforce them.
  • After Root Canal Treatment – teeth tend to become brittle after a root canal procedure. So your dentist will place crowns over them – especially the back ones – to strengthen them.
  • Permanent Teeth Stains – some teeth stains cannot be removed through professional whitening. In these cases, dentists place porcelain veneers on these cases to mask the stains.
  • Blemished Smiles – dental crowns are also used for cosmetic smile makeovers to overhaul one’s smile and facial aesthetics completely.

How are Crowns Prepared?

The procedure for preparing dental crowns is straightforward and is typically completed in 2-3 sittings. At the first appointment, we will examine your teeth and identify the underlying issues. Then, if dental crowns are indicated, we will prepare the damaged teeth for crown placement. During tooth preparation, we will remove a very thin layer of the tooth enamel to create space for bonding the crown. Don’t worry; this will not make your teeth sensitive or weak.

Next, we will make digital impressions of your teeth which will be sent to the dental laboratory, along with information regarding the crown’s desired shade. While you’re waiting for your crowns to be fabricated in the dental laboratory, we will place temporary crowns over the prepared teeth so that your smile and appearance are not affected.

Once the crowns are received from the lab, we will remove the temporary crowns and try the permanent ones on your teeth without bonding. If the aesthetics and fit are acceptable, we will use adhesive to bond the crowns to the prepared teeth.

You’re now a proud owner of a beautiful smile with crowns!

How Long do Crowns Last?

The average lifetime of dental crowns depends on various factors, such as the quality of the material used, the dentist and dental technician’s skills, and, more importantly, patient-related factors, such as oral hygiene care and diet. However, dental crowns typically tend to last around 10 years2. Afterward, they may need repair or replacement.

Dental crowns are an excellent option for rejuvenating blemished smiles. So, don’t let your crooked or chipped teeth affect your smile or self-confidence. Book an appointment with us today, and let us give you the smile you truly deserve.

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