Our Partners

Being partnered with some of the State’s key private and public health insurance groups, CFHE is able to propose its patients the accessibility of a convenient primary care. We currently have our main center in Panorama City

CFHE is a leading provider of primary care in its community with comprehensive services including general Medicine, Dental and Mental health for the entire family, Geriatrics, Women’s health, Family Planning and Pediatrics.

These services are given particular attention here at CFHE as we strongly believe that, women receiving proper and essential health care services will result in having the whole family more willing to receive preventive care they need.

CFHE is partnered with the following health insurance groups:


• Blue Cross
• BlueShield
• Health Net
• Aetna
• Labor and Health
• Cigna


• Medicare
• Medi-Cal
• Medical HMO
• Family Pack
• Temporary Medi-Cal
• Other government funded programs.
*our partnership is not limited to the above list.